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Venture Journeys aims to promote a long-term investing approach around the founder journey and mission. Why is this important?


The founder’s mission and journey is often where a business’s customer-centricity comes from. This is because customer-centricity is costly to achieve and requires deliberate sacrifices.


The benefits of customer-centricity include:


  • Higher demand from meeting increasing customer expectations

  • Cost efficiency from lower customer support costs, higher employee retention

  • Higher customer retention


I hope you join me as I explore the founder journey, customer centricity and how this can help businesses succeed.


All views and opinions expressed are personal.


My name is Raveen Kuhadas, and I have over 12yrs experience as a professional investor. I believe in businesses with strong customer missions, which often come from the journeys of the founders or businesses. These customer-focused businesses have been great investments across a range of industries.​​

I am passionate about using my skills to create a positive impact. My goal is to help these profiled businesses on their journey to impact their customers’ lives. I hope you enjoy these posts, and feel free to reach out.

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