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Venture Journeys uses founder insights to complement the long-term investment due diligence process.

Why are founder insights valuable? Founders:

  • show us how companies build good products. Customer centricity is often their only advantage as a startup.

  • focus on the most important issues. Simplifying complex issues to first principles enables them to prioritise opportunities and risks.

  • buid competitive advantage. They own their businesses and think long-term.

Their insights are relevant to businesses of all sizes. Learning from them makes us better investors.

All views and opinions expressed are personal. Not investment advice.

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About Me

My name is Raveen Kuhadas and I have over 12 years of experience as a professional investor in listed funds management. Founder-led businesses have been some of my most successful investments.

These founders were independent thinkers, disrupting their industries with innovative ways to serve their customers.

A good investment thesis is about building conviction and thinking independently around a handful of issues.  I’m grateful to the founders profiled on Venture Journeys. Their insights have made me a better thinker and investor.


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